Crooked tree limb symbolic of scoliosis

I will refer to this client as Donna, who worked at an office where I provided weekly, on-site therapy with the portable massage chair.

I met Donna when she was 36. She explained that at age 14, she had surgery for scoliosis, with rods placed on both sides of her spine. Ever since that surgery, she has suffered with various levels of discomfort, pinching and burning pain around her shoulder blades. Frequent cortisone shots never fully got rid of the pain.

Three years after the surgery, Donna was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, later determined to be Hashimoto’s disease.  At that point, she began having joint pain, headaches, endometriosis, numerous allergies, and was just plain sick.

Not wanting to take shots or pills, Donna decided to give me a try.  At the time, she reported a major lack of flexibility, various levels of pain in her shoulder blades, and extreme congestion due to allergies. She was a self-admitted complete mess. Donna really needed help with her scoliosis and Hashimoto’s disease.

With just two, 30-minute sessions, Donna experienced complete relief of her congestion and her allergy symptoms became minor. With continued, intermittent sessions, Donna did not feel sick all the time; did not require any cortisone shots; and the very tender spots around her shoulder blades disappeared. Donna reported that she acquired mobility in her upper and lower back that she had never felt before or even knew was possible.

Think that a person must have ceaseless therapy in order to receive, and maintain results?  Not Donna; she had a very demanding job and throughout the two years that I went to her office, she was only able to attend approximately thirty percent of the time.

As a reminder, these outcomes were possible with my client on the portable massage chair in 30-minute, modified CranioSacral Therapy sessions. We were located in an empty office or conference room, at her place of employment.

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Scoliosis and Hashimoto’s Disease
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