A scar may leave you suffering with:


adhesions, itching, numbness, local or referred pain, puckering, and swelling


The age of your scar does not matter.  Your current pain or other symptoms may be due to surgeries or injuries that occurred less than one year ago, or more than 20 years ago; perhaps even from an injury at your birth.

Some of the most common scars that I treat include:

  • Breast due to:  cancer; reconstruction; reduction; or enhancement
  • C-section:  horizontal and vertical scars
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Open heart surgery
  • Lung cancer
  • Joint replacement/broken bones: knee; hip; shoulder; carpal tunnel
  • Head and spinal surgeries


Scar Release Therapy uses the Dolphin Neurostim.  The Dolphin Neurostim:Dolphin Neurostim devices

  • is a hand-held Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) device, similar to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS)
  • produces microcurrent stimulation, thousands of times less in strength than traditional TENS devices
  • delivers direct current, as found in nature, in a manner that resonates with the nervous system
  • is a hybrid modality combining the principles of acupuncture and modern neurology
  • provides stimulation to three body systems at once — nervous, muscular and endocrine


More than one Scar Release Therapy treatment may be necessary to obtain optimum results.  However, many of my clients experience one or more of the following results after just one treatment:

  • restored feeling to the skin around the scar
  • improved appearance and pliability
  • relief from puckering or pulling
  • a reduction in pain; either at the site of the scar, or elsewhere in the body
  • in the case of internal adhesions which are attached to organs, function of those organs may be improved or restored
  • increased mobility, particularly if the scar is near, or crosses over, a joint
  • calming of the central nervous system


For further information, please visit:  https://DolphinMPS.com


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