Baby-Forceps Birth Injury


I’ll refer to this very dear client of mine as Amy.  When she was born, Amy sustained a devastating forceps birth injury.  Her parents were told that she would be paralyzed for at least a year.  Fortunately, Amy overcame the doctors’ worst predictions after only three months.  You see, it was due to her parents’ prayers and loving care, including their diligent application of massage.

Amy had suffered with many physical ailments throughout her life.  In particular, she had a constant “pulling” in her neck with frequent (almost daily) headaches.  She had tried many forms of treatment and received many hours of massage therapy.

However, it wasn’t until she received CranioSacral Therapy that her body finally “unwound” itself and Amy actually felt connected from her head to her toes.

What an honor it is to be present when such powerful shifts occur within a person.

Are you, or anyone you know, suffering from the effects of a forceps birth injury?

Would you like to experience the possibilities of Connect Release Heal?


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Forceps Birth Injury
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