• Several weeks ago you tripped and fell.  No bones were broken and the bruises have gone away but the pain in your knee, leg and hip remains.
  • You blame chronic stress and getting older as the reason for the daily pain and tension in your neck, back, and shoulders.
  • You’ve gained so much flexibility with yoga but there are still some poses you cannot move into because some muscles are still so tight.
  • You mate complains about your snoring.  You are always tired and your nose and head are congested.
  • You have recurring headaches and grind your teeth during sleep.  The dentist wants to mold a mouth guard to treat your TMJ, although he recommends you consult an orthodontist for braces.
  • You have always enjoyed good health in spite of the several serious injuries throughout your life.  Recently, chronic pain in your neck and back has limited your usual activities and lifestyle.
  • You are preparing for or recovering from surgery and want to do all you can for your body to heal as completely as possible.

The integrative therapies I provide may be what you are
looking for if:

  • You understand that you have to take care of yourself first so you can continue caring for others
  • You are ready to make your health and well-being a priority
  • You are open-minded and receptive to complementary ways of healing
  • You are seeking long-lasting relief and permanent changes
  • You are looking for natural ways to overcome pain and illness

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