• I absolutely love treating clients while they are seated on the portable massage chair
  • My clients receive real therapy – not just fluff
  • Numerous chronic pain patterns are more easily treated while a client is seated, rather than reclining on a massage table

Chair massage at your office:

  • Choose your time: 15 or 30 minutes
  • Weekly/monthly/quarterly
  • Payment by either employee or employer
  • Design your therapy session:
    • general relaxation,
    • or to relieve tension,
    • or chronic pain
  • Popular method of expressing employee appreciation
  • An essential element of wellness programs

Chair massage in my office:

  • Appointment must be scheduled in advance
  • Design your therapy session:
    • general relaxation,
    • relieve tension, or chronic pain
    • reduce nasal and/or chest congestion
  • Essential oils may be included to induce relaxation;
    • diminish pain and inflammation;
    • or ease congestion
  • The Dolphin Neurostim may be included to enhance treatment

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See what Jane said after her 20-minute chair session:

“I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical the first time Lora wanted to use CranioSacral Therapy to treat my neck and shoulders. I wondered how this type of therapy could take away the pain and tightness the way “traditional” massage does but I’m telling you, when my session was over, I felt wonderful! I could actually feel my neck “unwinding.” It was amazing!” —Jane

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