Scar Release Therapy

“For more than 30 years after two C-sections, I suffered with a numb, itchy, bulging scar.  After only one scar release treatment with Lora, the numbness and itchiness went away, and my bowel habits have tremendously improved.  Oh, and the bulging diminished.”  —NJ

“After my hip surgery, I was told that the numbness and tingling was collateral damage from the surgery and that’s just how it would be.  I had just one scar treatment and almost immediately felt a full recovery of sensation in the area that had been numb for three years.”  —MA

Scar Release Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy

“I had quadruple bypass surgery and also colon cancer surgery.  Because of these surgeries I have two very long scars, one on my torso and one down my belly.  For many years after the heart surgery, I continuously experienced neck, chest, and shoulder pain.  At one point I had such pain in my upper chest and shoulder that I had to go to the emergency room.  After running the usual tests, the doctors could not find anything wrong.  I was told to follow up with my primary care doctor.  A few weeks later, while visiting my daughter in Orlando, Lora did a scar release treatment with the Dolphin. In just one session all of the pain was gone!  One year later, some tightness returned in my throat.  This time Lora used CranioSacral Therapy to relieve the problem.”  —Lucy

My ribs are now level and the pain is gone.  “I fractured my upper arm when I fell off a horse over 40 years ago. Sometime after that injury, I developed scoliosis and have suffered with much pain in my ribs throughout my life. I have had Healing Touch energy work, chiropractic, massage therapy, and CranioSacral therapy for years. I am amazed at the shift my body did during just one session with Lora; my ribs are now level and the pain is gone. Her treatment delivered significant results in a gentle, caring approach. I feel blessed to have found Lora. My body feels aligned, my shoulders are level, and I am standing tall. The next day, I played the best game of golf ever!” —Nancy Lavergne

. . . unable to move – my back had “gone out” and the pain was excruciating. 
“I woke up, unable to move – my back had “gone out” and the pain was excruciating. I could not move my neck at all and felt like I had a knife stuck in my spine. Using her new technique of CranioSacral Therapy, Lora worked on me for an hour. As soon as she was done, I was able to move with just minimal pain. The next day, I was pretty much back up and running and I can’t believe it. I’ve had this happen with my back before, and it usually involves a two-week recovery time. I just wanted to let you all know how skilled Lora is at CranioSacral Therapy.” —Victoria Williams

I felt wonderful! It was amazing! 
“I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical the first time Lora wanted to use CranioSacral Therapy to treat my neck and shoulders. I wondered how this type of therapy could take away the pain and tightness the way “traditional” massage does but I’m telling you, when my session was over, I felt wonderful! I could actually feel my neck “unwinding.” It was amazing!” —Jane

I no longer have pain when I move and I feel like a new person. 
“I am a Stage 4 breast cancer survivor of over five years. After completing six months of chemotherapy, I had a tremendous amount of muscle and joint pain. As a secretary I sit a great deal and when I moved to get up, my entire body would hurt. For two years I have been receiving weekly, 15-minute therapy sessions on the portable massage chair. Lora uses noninvasive CranioSacral Therapy, which has reduced inflammation and restrictions in my body, making a huge impact on my well-being.” —Diana Larsen

. . . my headaches are much less frequent. 
“The very first time I received CranioSacral Therapy I had immediate improvement from an intestinal disorder that I struggled with for years. I no longer need to take the medications with all of their side effects. I was also under the care of a neurologist for headaches and taking medications that did not help. Instead of the medications, I now receive CranioSacral Therapy and my headaches are much less frequent.” —MZ
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